Fisher & Paykel no spin, no rinse

Hey guys, I have a smart drive 9 washing machine model GW709NZ, top loader.

It's not draining or spinning. I have removed the bowl to get to filter beneath but nothing stuck there. I can blow through the hose and it bubbles. I noticed when I took the drum out it had water stuck inside (could this cause a balance issue?)

Power is going to the machine and it kind of tries to kick start the rotate at regular intervals say every 20 seconds but won't turn. Makes a kind of hum sound when it does this.



Just to expand on what aborcass stated...

Pull the cloths out and put them in a trash bag.
Bail the water out of the washer.
Pull the washer forward.
Tip back enough to see and reach underneath.
Remove any clothing that might have been caught in the fan/motor underneath.

Hums sound proble coming from the drain pump. sounds like its trying to pump out water but cant. try tipping back andsee if you can spin the pump manually, (usuallya fan cooling blade coming outta back end of pump.wont spin if it cant drain