Error code E:13

During the rince cycle the softner no longer is added and, after filling with water, the washer stopd with the error code E:13 on the display. Any insight?

I thin E13 is motor error, I will check.


Cause: Latch Problem Example: Latch does not run Corrective Action: Check for voltage to latch motor

E13 Water leak in tub or air leak in air bell.

E13 code means Pressure switch Fault

To check :- Remove Plug First ( Remember Safety First )
The pressure switch is at the top, its move likely to be a blocked pressure bottle, which is under neath the tub accessed via the rear bottom access panel 3 to 4 screws. the bottle is on the side of the filter with a small clear tube going up to the pressure switch. Clean this bottle out.

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