Bosch wfmc1001uc spin cycle not working - Bosch Nexxt 100 Series WFMC1001UC Front Load Washer

draining has nothing to do with spinning.

open the back of your machine and you can see the mechanical parts of your washing machine

try to turn it ON , just keep a distance enough for you to see,

1. check the belt if it is attached and aligned (if loose, tighten it a little bit)
2. check if the motor is running ( if not, check the capacitor-small aluminum tube with wires) if busted replace it.

3. check if there is any hamming sound from the motor, if make a humming sound but does'nt rotate, take it out and bring it to machine shop to replace the bearing or bushing

I am not a repair professional. I am just a 78 year old
man who has been making his own repairs for about
50 years. Therefore the washer or dryer ID doesn't
mean much to me. I came to fixya looking for a
schematic for an really old AM/FM radio and
discovered that more than 4,700 people were asking
for help with a washer repair. I recently had a washer
repair of my own and found an excellent video which
showed me how to take my machine apart. This
video made it possible for me to do my own repair. I
was so impressed with the video that when I saw all
these people needing help, I wanted to tell them
about it. If you have a top loader (washer) of the
direct drive type, this video might be a Godsend for
you. If you look at the back of your washer and the
panel is solid (no small inspection plate to remove)
chances are you have a direct drive and this video
is just what you need. You can see this video at You will probably need
more help in determining what the problem is and
how to fix it. If your repair problem is a washer or
dryer I suggest you go to
where they have very good trouble shooting and
repair information on most washers and dryers.
I think you'll find what you need there. Don't worry
about the timer, they hardly ever go bad. Good
luck with it. If I have helped you, please rate my
advice on fixya.

take a look at your manual that came with your machine go to problems usually at the back and see what that says,or go to the bosch website and type in your model number its on the inside of the door.i would suspect a program fault.adrian,,,,,


Welcome to FixYa.

Based on your post, "spin cycle not working"
this is usually the bi-product of the unit not draining properly.

These are the steps I'd suggest you take to move forward...

**Unplug the washer from the wall or turn off the breaker before attempting any repairs**

Get some towels and if possible a wet/dry vac. If the machine drained, it won't be too bad. If your machine is stuck full of water, that sucks...hopefully you won't get too wet. ( maybe you`re lucky enough to be close to a floor drain )

Washer kept stopping during spin cycle. Checked the trap like it said to on this site, cleaned it out, and still had problems. I kept hitting start and went thru 2 loads to finish (although bleach did not go).

Believe it or not, we had gone on vacation so my wife had turned off both hot and cold water feeds to the washer! Both loads were wet when I pulled them (water from the hose?). Once I turned on the water, no problem. The moral of the story: check your water feed too.


Remove any kinks in the drain hose. Ensure that the washer is not sitting on the hose.

Inspect the household drain. Remove clogs, if possible. Call a plumber if you cannot remove the clogs.

Check the drain and make sure there is an air gap between the hose and drain. An air gap is necessary to prevent the drain hose from siphoning water.

Clean the pump filter. Open the pump access door. Turn the pump filter counter-clockwise and remove it. Remove dirt and debris. Replace the filter and close the pump access door.

Rearrange the clothing in the load. An unbalanced load can prevent the washer from spinning or draining.

Allow the washer to cool down for two hours. If the washer overheats, it will stop the motor and cool down before restarting.

Close the door completely. The washer will not operate if the door is not securely closed.

I hope the above helps.

Good luck.