Fisher & paykel smart drive pride will not start, won't fill, but power board lites up select wash cycle, cold water wash, medium level on regular wash push start nothig

I have cleaned the water inlet valves, pulled power plug out of wall and put back in wall, and all water taps turned on, All i no it is a smartdrive pride top loading, can anyone help

My comment is generic to all washing machines in which there is a fill problem. Finally I remembered that when we did an upgrade on our basement I installed the type of fill hose that will prevent flooding. Sure enough, when I interchanged the hoses the problem switched from no hot to no cold. A flood prevention mechanism had malfunctioned on one hose and the reset feature did not work. A return to Home Depot will complete the solution to my problem - but I feel humbled to have overlooked the possibility that this simple malfunction had caused the grief.

Hi there
That fault is the pump blocked error (no change in water level).
i have a quick and easy way to solve this problem.

first turn the machine off then tilt the machine back and lean it on something(a chair or wall), look underneath, in the top right hand corner of the plastic outer boul you will see a small pump motor it has a fan on it spin this fan and if it is hard to turn that means there is somthing stuck in the drain pump keep turning the fan and try to free whatever is stuck in the pump, then try the machine on spin again all goin well the object in the pump should come out with the drain water(doing this will not harm the machine) if the object is still stuck you will need to get the water out of the machine (bailing or siphioning will work) and tilt the machine back again and take the wires off the pump and there should be a white tab on the boul holding the pump on pull this tab and twist the pump anticlockwise about a quarter turn(you will need a few towels or a boul or bucket to catch the water) and it should come off exposing the blockage.
Hope this solves your Problem.


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With an error code the only way to find and to repair this is,

First unplug the washer and wait a few minutes then restart it like rebooting your computer when its acting strange!
If it corrects the problem GREAT!!! WE WIN!

If not only a trained laundry tech can make the electronic diagnoses.
Like we used to be able to fix my own cars, but not today they need diagnostic equipment!
Below I referred you to a great service nation wide!

If none of these tasks remedy the heat problem then here is a good company that's found nation wide.
A&E Factory Service
A&E has schedulers available to take appointments 24/7
And they do warranty work too, for most manufactures!
1(800) 905-9505

You will be fine
Bless You ngafm1

It sounds like your machine has been programmed to automatically run through the various cycles continuously. Most likely in error.

The magnetic reed lid switch could be faulty.

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