I have a Fisher & Paykal washsmart top loader just will not turn on on lights nothing, was on just powered up and then we turned off the machine at the power point and has not worked since

The power supply just needs to be repaired.
Little chip near the small transformer needs replacing.

The fault you have described with the top drawer appears to be related to the lid seal becoming dislodged. However, I am slightly unclear if you can actually open the drawer or not. YOu mention it is hard to pull but you also say you see water at the bottom of the drawer. So I am assuming you are able to open the drawer. This is important otherwise it will become hard to check the problem.
It might help confirm if the lid seal is the problem if you can check which lights are on at the top of the drawer lid. For example NORMAL and RINSE. I am assuming since you have an integrated model there is no LCD display in the front.

If it is a lid seal problem then you may have to call the technician from Fisher and Paykel. It does involve a little patience and mechanical prowess to fix it. There is fiddling with motors etc involved.

You can check the parts out at this site.

Hi just read your posting.Now on the wash progress line of lights ,there will be 8 in this row.Starting from the left to the right which lights are lit.Is it the 2nd ,3rd and 7th or the 1st, 4th and 8th ---etc---?Please reply with additional information and I can help you rectify this fault on your machine.Looking forward to your reply

you could have a jammed power or sart\pause button, these quite often get corrosion on the PCB and then the switches fail ON, if you can turn the machine on it is not dead, it can be repaired but you might want to get a technician in to reapair PCB. Also it would be helpful to know what lights light up when in error mode.

For the F&P machine.
Check the circuit board fuse. I had my machine do exactly the same thing. Just wouldn't power up at all, no lights, nothing.
The fuse is on the circuit board a small round red unit, with T1.6A250V written on the top.
Remove the 2 screws securing the control panel. Inside there is a grey plastic box. This houses your circuit board. You will need to have a multi meter and a soldering iron to replace this component.

Disconnect the washer for few minutes (5min) then connect it again and press cancel, before you start any cycle, good luck