Is it normal for the washing machine to start and stop the spinning while the machine is in each cycle? Should it take over an hour to run one wash cycle?

Bought it used and never owned a front loader before...not sure if this is how they are supposed to run.

check filter. check no foreign objects fouling pump impellor - bra wires are the favourite

Yes...they use less they start, tumble, then cycle again adding more water. I use the fastest setting on all my clothes which is 1/2 hour. It also does start and stop during spinning to tumble the clothes. It speeds up as it goes thru each stop till it spins real fast. All my clothes wash perfectly on fastest cycle.

Yes, that is normal operation for many of the machines today. They are stingy with water and soap, but also take longer to cycle. They can be real money savers in the long run. If it has been used, you should familiarize yourself with the location of the motor brushes and also I recommend running some empty loads on the hottest settings occasionally to help keep it clean.

Front load washers take up to 2 hours for a cycle. They are more thorough hn top loads. Front load washers are water saturation machines where top load washers are water immersion machines. The time takes is to allow the detergent chemicals do their job properly. Temperature is important to activate certain chemicals, like enzymes that need 40 degrees for 15 minutes to work. Enzymes remove body fats and greases from our garments. Once you understand the principle of a front load washer you won't accept anything else. Its a bit like riding around on a horse compared to driving a car. Its another world. With reheard to the spin, front load washers have a neutral drain facility which allows the water to evacuate without the drum turning. This stops linting. Usually the front load washer will do a disperse cycle once the water is gone.This is a forward and backward motion to disperse the load around the drum, being on a horizontal axis. Once the sensor in the machine is happy with the load balance a full spin is allowed. Just a point here, a spin speed of 1000 rpm will take out sufficient water Top load washes mostly spin at 900 rpm. My favoured speed is 1200 rpm. Good luck with your front load washer. My opinion is a much superior way to wash........Tony

Contact Bosch through their web site. They offer solutions to some problems if yours is no listed send them an email.

Always check to see if the water waste (located normally at bottom right) has no foreign objects in their such as bobby pins, coins etc It has happened to me 3 times (first time cost me $150)

Washing machine stops at the spin cycle - light flashes. Have to drain water out manually. Happened last week and was then able to run an empty rinse cycle. Machine worked normally for another week. Same problem today but have had to drain water manually from the drum after trying an empty 90 wash and rinse cycle (both stopped on the Spin and flashed). Any ideas? Thanks. x