During the wash cycle the fabric conditioner will not empty - could the system be blockrd. The machine is about 5 years old.

my son had this same problem and when we took the dispenser out and checked the hoses they were clogged with semi hardened fabric softener that didn't pass through. they always used a warm wash with a cold rinse and since i told them to use a hot water wash with a cold rinse at least once a month they have not had a problem. hope this helps.

fabric conditioner is dispensed during rinse cycle, if it does not work then either, try pouring hot water into dispenser, as conditioner tends to get goopie when dry, thus may have clogged up

I've had exactly this problem..

This is usually caused by the powder / conditioner drawer becoming fouled with sediment, but even if you clean the drawer itself, the compartment where the drawer fits can also become fouled.

I've found that over a fairly long period of time black slimy mould can build up in this compartment. This needs to be cleared off carefully using a strong kitchen cleaner.

You'll also be able to see the mould built up on the back and underside of the powder / conditioner drawer. This needs to be cleaned carefully all over as well - I've found the conditioner outlet can become blocked with a plug of the black slimy mould.

I don't think this happens when a washer is used infrequently - mine is in almost constant use (3 children will do that for you!). I think it's more a consequence of the drawer compartment never drying out between washes.

Hope this helps.

During the wash cycle the fabric conditioner will not empty - could the system be blockrd This video will show you how to keep your soap draw clear and how to service the parts
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My husband just fixed ours after not seeing a solution on any other site. He pulled out the dispensing unit and pulled off the blue plastic piece on the top of the fabric softener and bleaching section. He then ran warm/hot water (not boiling hot) through the holes where the fabric softener is suppose to flow through. This cleaned out excess fabric softener that had coagulated in the elbow and blocked the flow of softener to the unit.

if you remove the drawer ,above the softner compatment the two holes will be blocked with black deposits from the water poking a small implement into these holes is probably enough to break up the blockage the softner should then be carried through on the final rinse of the next cycle