Flashing E:04 The machine beeps that it is finished but it is not and the E:04 is flashing.  When I did get the door open once for the first load, it had not been in spin mode. Do not know how to get it to spin dry.  Then did a second load with water in the tub and got the same problem - flashing E:04. Help. Please.

Further on the solution provided on Oct. 28th.

The circular cover is on the front, below the door on the 3200UC. Use an unfolded large paper clip or in my case a large safety pin and push in where there is a small hole. Rotate the cover slightly and it opens. Once you get that open, there is a valve to unscrew. Be sure to have towels or sponges around as this will drain what ever water is left in the drum. Unscrew the cover only a little until water starts to leak out. Once it's drained, remove the valve cover completely. There is then another white plastic piece that you can gently pry out with a flat head screw driver. Once that's out, you'll be at the main drain. In my case there was an infant sock blocking the drain. I removed that and the machine works like a charm again.

Hope the details help a bit. Thanks for the original solution!

HELP!! My Bosch washer is humming but not draining the water after 10 minutes of washing. Error E04 appears but no blockage on the hose. Where else should I look? Thank you all in advance.