Bosch wsher reading E04

Did anyone get an answer on the problem where the washer hits max spin and E04 shows up. If you id pleaselet kow as this is happening to me a well. Thak yo

On the Bosch washer this indicates a problem at the pump. Probably some sort of obstruction. You may need a #15 Torx screwdriver. There should be a small round access door at the bottom front of the washer. If you turn it to the left you should be able to remove it to gain access to the pump cleanout port. Be ready with lots of towels when you remove the cap from the drain pump. There will most likely be a flood. LOL
Clean out anything that is clogging the pump. (like the occasional stray sock) Check the condition of the pump at the same time, but there is most likely something clogging the pump. Hope this helped and best wishes.