Washer drum is wobbling ALOT

The drum wobbles ALOT when it turns. Someone indicated that i check to see if the drum bearing is ok - but i dont know how to do that. Any suggestions?

Excellent information, Dennis Weid! This is exactly how it came apart. Follow his instructions and it is an easy job. My motor wasn't completely failed as it would run if I had the back off with washer on the spin cycle and gave the drum pulley a 'push start'. But it was shooting sparks as he described. On disassembly I saw that the commutator was very heavily grooved. It was to the point the wear indicator was nearly flush with the surface, like the tread on a bald tire. Time for a new motor.

The drum needs a certain amount of play, but there is a bearing at the back that can fail. One thing to check is that your machine is level front to back and also left to right. In addition, make sure that all four feet are in equal contact with the floor.

Its probably your motor carbon brushes. If the machine electricals work OK and it pumps water in and out then the carbon brushes have just worn out on the motor. I had the same problem with my Bosch front loader. Easy fix and you can get help visually on youtube. If you are looking for the belt to see if it has come off, undo the screws that hold the plate on the back of the washing machine to access and sight the belt. Also this will give you access to the motor if you need to change the motor carbon brushes. Hope this helps Sue