Back door won,t open on my 02 avalanche

Took inside pannel off all parts look good and seem to move propely

Door handle broke depends on what door handle it is.if door cant be open on out side out side door handle broke.if cant open door on inside inside door handle broke.door handle clip that connects to latch rod broken.when you try open door handle not engage to latch rod.door not going open.have to replace door handle with new clip holds latch rod in place.

replace inside door handle common problem good luck,

Check the child lock is not engaged. If not you will need to remove the door trim to see what is going on

You can remove door trim panels from inside the car, panel will come off even the door is closed.
Than put you hand inside door and pull levers to open door.

your door rod to your latch must have popped off your inside door latch. take your door pannel off and the door rood will be unhooked

There is a button on the drivers side control panel on the door, where the power window controls are at.. This button is square and it controls the door locks in the back so, young kids can't accidentally open the door. Pressing this button should solve your problem. Good Luck