Washing machine won't drain or finish cycle

I have a Fisher & Paykel GWL 10 washing machine which will not drain; therefore, it never finishes the cycle.

1) I've unplugged it several times (as recommended in the manual), but so far, that hasn't helped.

2) I've attempted to put it through the last cycles several times, but it always stops without draining.  Lights blink on and off and there is a constant beep.

3) I've checked both hot & cold hoses - they are on. 

4) I cannot tell if any water is siphoning out of the washer because the hose is taped into the drain hole.

I hope you can help.

Thank you.

Patsy Knight

It sounds like you have a drain pump stopped up or failed. Do you hear any noise when it is supposed to be draining? A humm or buzz?