Bosch washing machine fabric conditioner not emptying

Get a piece of stiff wire, and make a right angled bend at the end of it, then poke it in all the holes on the top of the soap drawer compartment, this should solve your prob.
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I have this completely SOLVED, what you need to do is:-
Remove the drawer and look inside the drawer slot, at the top you will see loads of holes, in the middle you will notice a peice just above the fabric possition approx 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, It will have little clips either side. IT IS THIS PART THAT IS BLOCKED WITH GUNDGE!...You need to prize these clips apart and the middle bit will drop down and you can clean all the **** from it and you will of solved the problem. If you break the piece off dont worry because it will still clip back in place and function as it should.
NO NEED to revove the top and clean the pipes.

I have a bosh washing machine and the fabric dispencer was not emptying, i took the compartment out and washed it all out making sure all the muck was off. Then i looked in the machine (where the dispencer had been) and looked up. There were some holes so i got a needle and poked it up and wiggled it, some black muck came out, i cleaned the rest of the holes and now it is working again.

The inlet to the conditioner compartment is probably blocked.
Get a thin piece of flexible wire and make a right angled bend on the end about 1" long, and poke it into all the holes u can see in the top of the dispenser compartment, particularly the ones at the front right side.
This should solve the prob.
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Do you use a thicker type of softener? When I had this problem with my washer I added water to the softener to thin it out, as it just seems like it leaves a build up that clogs repeatedly otherwise. hope that helps

have you tried just white vinegar as your rinse aid. Do a full cycle of your washing machine using white vinegar instead of detergent, to clean any residue from pipes, and then in the next wash try white vinegar as your rinse aid.