Miele washing machine will not take fabric conditioner

Take out your dispenser drawer, and on the far left side inside where the drawer was there are 3 holes, clean them with a toothpick and ensure your dispenser drawer is cleaned as well. If you have a older machine the jets are in the front. On the older machine if the jets are clean, then your 3 position inlet valve is bad and has to be replaced.

have you lifted up the conditioner flap on the drawer, you would of seen a long plastic tube sticking up, this tube gets blocked from time to time resulting in the softner not going into the machine. if you have cleaned this tube when you took the drawer out, then the only other cause is the solonoid vavle is the fault. this is easily replaced.
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Miele washing machine will not take fabric conditioner
This video will show you how to keep your soap draw clear and how to service the parts
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This is usually a matter of pulling the drawer right out (it is designed to let you do this) and taking it to bits (it's designed for this too). Most front-loaders have a bit of a design weakness in that the bit that gets blocked with conditioner isn't immediately obvious without a little bit of prior dismantling. Once you get the top off the drawer, you'll almost certainly find the siphon tube gummed up with old conditioner. Clean this up under a hot tap, then reassemble and all should be well. A.

hi there just try washing the complete soap drawer again in boiling water leave in there for 10minutes to let the hot water work into the gaps and make sure u take all the holders out of the drawer u sometimes have to use a tooth brush to get into the small holes at the bottom of the little funnel what your softener holder goes over also get a small flat blade screwdriver and clean inside that funnel if thats not clean it will stop softener from going away if this doesnt work still then when your softener is supposed to be taken thru the programme make sure the washer opens the valve for the water to go into the fabric softener holder if it doesnt then the solenoid will need replacing as this could be faulty. LET ME KNOWHOW U GET ON PLEASE PETER

is the conveyer blocked try cleaning where the water comes out from the top of the soap dispenser with an old toothbrush very difficult to unblock recomend replacement ( by the way the conveyer is the top of the soap dispenser with all the little holes where the water come out from) to check pull the drawer half way a look in wich compartment the water is going while muving the timer knob also chek that the drawer is clean