Detergent dispenser filling with water and i can't remove it to empty it.

My whirlpool washing machine is not rinsing the water from the fabric softner section and I cannot remove the dispenser tray from the machine to empty it. The machine is pretty new and problem has only started in the last week or so. Can anyone help?

Hello Everyone,  I had the same problem with my washing machine, what I didn't find the push button they are talking about, but what I realised, that at the bottom of the drawer, in the middle of it, there is a hing that keeps the drawer in its place, I used a screw driver to push that hing, and got the drawer out.
I have cleaned the fabric softner section, but when i put it on again, I got the same problem again, I am not sure about the reason of that.
If someone can help on that one, that would be great ;)

This video will show you how to clean the whirlpool soap drawer and will also show you where to put the detergent. Please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all appliance tutorials
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Hi, a bit late, but only just joined. The dispenser drawer on my AWZ410 gets pulled out for cleaning regularly... I just pull very hard and it pops out. It then needs a good bang to force it back in. The fabric conditioner release works using the siphon principal, and altho the drawer looks full whilst the water is running, it should empty slowly within about 10 seconds of stopping. The main problem I have is the hole in the back gets clogged up with softener and stops the siphoning effect from working. You have to take the insert out and wash both parts separately with hot water and a cotton bud for the hole.
I've started to dilute my softener a bit to help with this problem, and I often pour some very hot water in the drawer if I'm there while it's in use.
Good luck

I had the same problem but i just sort of pulled it really hard as it feels like it wont come out. There is also a catch under the draw you could try press that and wiggle it out.

Remove the detergent drawer and break down into its four parts. . You will need a toothbrush to reach some areas. Scrub off residual softener and any mold and sanitize in dishwasher. This worked for me. Seems like a regular maintenance item going forward and I will do it quarterly.