Hi my washing machine. the fabric conditioner is not going down?or it will be ful with watery fabric conditioner, also occassionaly has a funny smell or leaves washing with a funny smell. like its been left in there for a while thanks .

Try cleaning inside the the machine where the soap dispenser drawer fits into. Sometimes this builds up with lots of soap and fabric conditioner residue and stops the conditioner from going through.
Take the drawer back out and look inside where it goes to see if there is a build up of soap etc...
hope this helps

fabric conditioner is dispensed during rinse cycle, if it does not work then either, try pouring hot water into dispenser, as conditioner tends to get goopie when dry, thus may have clogged up

The fabric conditioner is not going down?or it will be ful with watery fabric conditioner This video will show you how to keep your soap draw clear and how to service the parts
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This is usually a matter of pulling the drawer right out (it is designed to let you do this) and taking it to bits (it's designed for this too). Most front-loaders have a bit of a design weakness in that the bit that gets blocked with conditioner isn't immediately obvious without a little bit of prior dismantling. Once you get the top off the drawer, you'll almost certainly find the siphon tube gummed up with old conditioner. Clean this up under a hot tap, then reassemble and all should be well. A.

poor a bottle of bleach in the washer .....run the washer with no clothes...the blead should kill any mols or mildew causing the yucky smells......boil some water and poor it in the fabric conditioner hole, this should loosen anything clogging it...thanks

is the conveyer blocked try cleaning where the water comes out from the top of the soap dispenser with an old toothbrush very difficult to unblock recomend replacement ( by the way the conveyer is the top of the soap dispenser with all the little holes where the water come out from) to check pull the drawer half way a look in wich compartment the water is going while muving the timer knob also chek that the drawer is clean