Motor hums but won't start

GE model GSD321ZZ3AA has water that won't drain. The washer makes noises turning the dial through its cycles but the most I get is a motor hum and various solenoid clicking. Drain tube was found to be completely clogged from tenants. Would a clogged drain cause the motor to burn out?

The problem is more than likely something is stuck in the prop. that helps to grind up foods so they can pass thru the pump. Remove your dish racks, take a small screw driver and gently pry the lock out that the sprayer sits in and pull the sprayer up and out. If it has a filter, remove the 1/4 in screw that holds it in and push the lock in and pull the filter up. You will notice 2 screws in a plastic strainer towards the back of the tub. Remove the strainer. You will then see where the water drains.Remove that strainer and feel down in the drain. you will feel the prop. Remove any foreign materials from the drain and from around the prop. Probably a piece of macaroni. lol . Make sure you turn off the breaker before starting any repairs.

Have you cleaned the drain filter? The symptoms you describe indicate that the filter are totally clogged.

Cleaning filters should be done every other week to maintain good function in dishwashers, it is not uncommon people forget that.

You access the filter by removing the perforated stainless steel plate at the floor of the washer tub, usually there is a round plastic knob in the middle that you turn counter-clockwise then lift it up. Underneath this plate you will find the main filter, take it out and clean with a soft brush under running water.

Good luck!

Chances are the pump is blocked as well and unable to spin

I just posted the soloution that I found for this problem to another question. I found a bone stuck in the impeller of the discharge pump. Requires that you pull the unit out turn it on its side (rather messy and everything needs to get disconected as if you were going to remove the unit from the house and install a new one). Find the discharge pump and remove the cover (I pulled a 2.5" rib bone chip) remove the blockage, button everything back up, hook it all up slide it back in and now mine works.

These motors will stick sometimes during periods of not being used. With the power turned off to the the dishwasher, remove the front lower grille. There are usuallly 2 screws on each side of the panel. Looking under the D/W your will see the motor and pump assembly. If you feel around you should be able to feel the motor's cooling fan. Simply rock the fan back and forth and the motor/pump should become unstuck.

Check for obstructions in the drain hose and where the drain hose drains under the sink. Check the drain in the bottom of the dishwasher. There is a filter there that can get clogged.