Fabric softener compartment problem.

For the last week or so now my washing machine fabric softener dispenser compartment fills up with water after the cycle has finished, so that I have to remover the whole dispenser compartment and empty it every time before I can add softener to do another wash. Very annoying...It's not clogged up with washing powder or softener as I keep it cleaned regularly. I have tried doing a max. hot wash without clothes and softener to flush the system out but still the same problem. Help! I have also noticed a bad smell like stale/stagnent water coming from the drum, so have done what was suggested using a 1/3 distilled vinegar. Any more help on the fabric softner problem?? My,fabric softener compartment also fills with water and does not seem to use the fabric softener,it is still in the compartment albeit diluted at the end of the cycle! I have tried both the concentrated and normal fabric conditioners, any ideas?

Squeee, It's been more than a year since you posted this so I guess you must know the answer. It sounds like a Visit from an engineer(?) I've got exactly the same problem with a Servis Easilogic 1500 and would appreciate knowing what you had to do to resolve the issue.

I have this problem as well.. All washing machines manufactured nowadays are energy effficient, which means that they don't use as much water as the older models. This can result in a build-up of bacteria in the top part of the washing machine, which is clogging up the bit where the water comes through to flush the fabric conditioner into the drum. What I have to do every so often, is to take the top off the washing machine and clean out the layer of black slime that has built up, blocking the holes where the water goes into the washing machine. Another contributory factor is that the usual program used is a 40 degree wash, which is not hot enough to completely flush the machine through. Manufacturers recommend running a 90 degree wash once a month with just washing powder in iit, no clothes. Hope this is some help