Bosch classixx 1200 fabric softener dispencer doesn't empty into machine just fills with water

Remove soap drawer completely from washer, and thoroughly clean all parts of it, paticularly the conditioner compartment..
Get a piece of stiff wire, and make a right angled bend in the end of it, then poke the wire into all the holes in the top of the soap drawer compartment to clear any possible blockage.
This should solve the prob.
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I have had this problem and found that it is due to not enough water getting into the softener chamber. THere are holes above the drawer in the inside that can sometimes get clogged up with muck, if you clean these out the water will flow and the syphon effect will work correctly.

take out the soap drawer clean in hot water inside the machine where you took the soap drawer out at the top look for the hole where the water runs out it may be blocked with mildew dettox mildew spray is very good at breaking all that down spray in leave for a while put soap draw back in and do a wash without clothing as spray contains bleach

the hose need to be clean there is something that let the water get stuck there check inside if you see what is cluge in the unit or the internal hose, try to clean it with warm water

Pull out dispenser drawer in the middle section for fabric softener lift up top plastic cover and flush out hole with water and this should solve the problem