I have a mixture of oil and water coming out the exhaust

It was over heating changed the radiator cap there was no leaks then 1 week later started over heating again the same day i changed my oil in it and put coolant now its leaking around where the water pump is but theres a mixture of oil and water out exhaust

It sounds like you have a defective/blown head gasket. Check your oil again, is it grey in color or when you look on the underside of the oil fill cap-is there a grey film on the bottom of it? Any grey color in the oil is a sure indication of a blown head gasket. The coolant by the water pump most likely means that the bearing and seal around the water pump are going bad and will need to be replaced as well. Any time a car over heats it is subject to other issues due to the abnormally high temps. This will cause things that were worn and or about to go, to fail. The oil and water out of the exhaust is also an indication that either you have an intake or head gasket leaking. I would take the car to a mechanic and ask them to conduct a cylinder pressure test, look at the pressures your self on each cylinder, they should not vary by more than 5-10 lbs and that is even excessive. If you have greater variance, your head gasket is in fact blown. They are not cheap and are not an easy fix for a do it yourself type of project because the head has to be magna fluxed and most likely milled flat again due to warpage.

Sorry. Cant candy coat this one. Most likly have a head gasket problem along with a water pump leak. Check with your mechanic to be sure.