I am trying to make a buttonhole for a 3/4" button, using a Pfaff Ambition 1.5. Using the buttonhole attachment the buttonhole comes out to be 3/4 " what am I doing wrong?

First be sure to follow the steps described in the manual for attaching the buttonholer.

Second, check that the buttonhole lever is pushed because it returns to it's unpushed state after a buttonhole is completed and therefore it will stitch in the same spot.

Also, try adjusting the stitch length. I've found that I can't make buttonholes while on the satin stich setting ( that little rectangle) but if I move it just a bit towards 1 it will manage to make the right stitches.

generally most sewing problems are due to sticking parts because of non usage as =you have stated or because the tension has been not set right. what I suggest is that you take the time to do some cleaning of the machine like what bis pointed out in your manual use a light weight mineral oil to wipe the moving parts with, but not too much. also adjust the tension of the foot so there is pressure on the material as to move it while sewing. after all the cleaning and adjusting rethread the bobbin and make sure it is seated properly also rethread the need and make sure the thread moves freely from the spool. this should do the trick. please rate this

Pull the BH (Buttonhole lever) down which is to the right of the needle bar.

I'd forgotten to pull the little lever down that abuts onto the buttonhole foot! Simple!

I'm going to assume the button fit into the button hole foot to measure the length of button hole. If this is correct, then there is a lever very near the presser foot bar which needs to be pulled down to be engaged by the bh foot. Let me know if this is correct.

Hello, Suzanne -

The buttonhole opening needs to be 3/4". That means the actual button hole stitching needs to be 7/8" - 1/8" larger than the button..

Read the information here:

Best wishes.