Piccolo 2 bagless vacuum - Can't find out how to open dust container

I have a Piccolo 2 bagless vacuum cleaner but no instructions for it! I have detached the dust container from the motor part but I can't find a button to open it! It looks like a sealed unit with a grille/filter but no way to get this out and empty it. Can anyone help please?

here is some info on that vacuum that may help you. it tells who sold it and what brand and where to get filters.


In between the filters there's an access panel that can be removed - there may be a blockage there. You should also check your hose for a blockage.

Otherwise you may need to take it to your local Electrolux Service Center. There may be a problem with the pressure board. The machines have a 2 year warranty, not sure what it'd be in your neck of the woods.

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please check the following link for

Sanyo Instruction Manual Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner SC-150, SC-180


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The manual is located here: http://www.hoover.com/pdfs/manuals/U5194900.pdf

Go to http://www.eureka.com/service/manuals/80244.pdf this is a direct link to the owners guide for your model or you can call customer service at 800-282-2886 and request a hard copy