New pny memory card and new pixpro az401 camera and it says card is not formatted, so what do I do now

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posted on Oct 10, 2008

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Did you check the write protect tab on the card?

Is the write protection enabled on the cards?
Which size having the cards?

The spec for the SD card format is going to 2GB but the Kodak C330 not compatible with 2 GB SD memory cards.


But try an firmware upgrade.
Why download firmware version 1.07?
This firmware version improves memory card compatibility and provides general performance updates.
KODAK EASYSHARE C330 Zoom Digital Camera Firmwar

There's a tiny slide switch on the side of the card. Slide it to the other position and try again.

But one thing I've noticed is that you mention that the card is 4GB. As such, it's likely that this card is an SDHC card. There is also a possibility that your A540 camera is not recognizing the card as the SDHC format came out well after the A540 was designed.

If you're still having problems with your 4GB card, recommend trying again with a standard SD card (2GB or less). 2GB standard SD cards are very inexpensive, and can be found on Amazon for about $7 with free shipping.

And hang onto the 4GB card. It will come in handy again someday.

I am having the same problem. I phoned a camera store and they said the camera is too to accept a 4GB card may only accept to a 2 Hope this helps