Roku Premiere 4620XB 4K UHD manuual - Roku Televison & Video

If you wish to get some details; visit the site linked here. Pull up older posts. Surf the site with patience.
Faults & possible causes to LCD & Plasma screen are given with illustrations. You can get an idea about the fault to an extent.

I am sure YouTube will give you the answer.

Try a google search providing the info /request manual I believe Roku has a pretty good customer service too

if using an hdtv antenna,it means that it has moved and cant pick up channel anymore,rescan for channels

That noise is caused by a failing component in the sounds amplifier circuit board.


Hello, I bought a PF3650 Pro3 scanner, serial number 520J00C10153, from Jessops in November 2005, and have been trying to get it repaired ever since. At first the problem was intermittent and, of course, declined to show itself when returned for repair under warranty. Over the last five years or so, the problem has become less intermitent until, as of the middle of last year, is now permanent. The problem is that the machine does not start: all that happens is that the warning light, and the light inside, wink continually in groups of two flashes. The 'repair' manual, if you can call it that, and if you can make sense of the garbled English, says:- (Problem 2, pp 18 and 19) '(a) The flex cable is not well connected. Make sure the flex cable is well connected to sove the problem. (b) CCD sensor is damaged (Normally caused by a wrong power adaptor is [sic] used to the PF3650pro3. If an adaptor with a power [sic] output more than 15vdc connected to the PF3650pro3 will be easily damage the CCD sensor. Change a good chassis to solve the problem. (c) The CCD sensor is not in its proper position (mis-alignment). Change a good chassis to solve the problem.' (a) I have checked the flex cable, a ribbon cable, and all its connections at both ends and this is OK. (b) I am unable to check the CCD, but the power supply has always given 12.3 to 12.5 volts, whether under load or off load (Checked at the main circuit board with the machine switched on and off.). (c) The CCD is definitely receiving light from the white l.e.d. The mirror and projector lens are both in their correct positions. I have also checked all the other inter circuit board and motor connections, but can find no fault there. I do not think there is anything else I can do without proper test information; I am an engineer but not an electronics specialist. It certainly appears that the CCD, or something close to it is at fault, but Pacific Image are studiously unhelpful and Jessops have had no more success with them than I. Do you know of anyone who might be able to repair this machine for me, or who has had the same problem and has overcome it please? Thank you for any help or advice you can give. Kind regards, Jon Glenny.