Red symbol washing machine water light

Hi i have a aqua steam 6 sense washine machine AWO/D A5148 after seven minutes always it displays the red water symbol i have checked the hose for kinks cleaned the mesh filters as the manual says,strange as it was working a couple of hours before,would a violent spin cause this as its in a very tight space.

Hay Crab.
what I have found is that the washer thinks it is not pumping out .. if your drain pump is clearly removing the all the water in a good time... then the problem is your pressure is telling the computer that it still has water in the machine...

replace the pressure switch and it will solve your f21 error.

It is a round unit on the right hand side on top...with a tube and wires going to it...let me know if it helps

I found the problem was caused by low pressure ,this was probably caused by the shower and running taps all being used at the same time...

I would check to see if the water pump has not become blocked as it needs to empty the water out before it can advance to the next cycle mabe a wire has come off the pump ,please unplug the machine first eric

Hey did you find out the answer as im having the same problem?

sounds like you have a blocked hose/pump vent hole.......if its holding water in the bottom of the tub it wont spin it will try but the pcb wont let it do the spin .due to pressure switch telling its got water left... pull pipe off pressure switch check holes not blocked check all hoses......

The first thing to check is the water inlet valve. Unplug the machine, turn off the water, and remove the supply hoses. Check the small metal screens inside the opening on the water inlet valve and make sure they are clear of rust or debris. Check the solenoids using a multimeter or ohmmeter. Test for continuity. A lack of continuity will mean a bad solenoid and the valve will need replaced.
If the inlet valve checks out alright, then the next place to look would be a malfunctioning water level/pressure switch. It is a diaphragm like device with a small plastic tube attached between the switch and the bottom of the washer's outer tub. Make sure there are no obstructions in or damage to the plastic tube. The switch can be tested for continuity in the same manner as the water inlet valve solenoids. Really sorry for your trouble and I hope this helped. Best wishes.


You may have some articles that made their way into the pump housing. Alot of times I see dimes get stuck in the ports of the pump, remove and check out thoroly and also check hoses coming to pump for little son of a gun articles that like to hide.