LG Washing machin model : LG-WFF734PC Top Loading having problem , water keep coming out through the drain hose when the the water flow in the tub for the first process of washing. Every time i selected program ( Jean ) then start washing. What's wrong. I been using this machine for 6 years. Pls advise!!

i believe i can help you,,but washers dont agitate in the spin cycle,,i believe you ment it wont wring or spin in the spin cycle..your lid switch is defective,,replace,,if need be i can talk you though,,onthejob

If it has a belt remove this then turn drum by hand to see if noise is still present if it is then sounds like some thing caught in between drun inner and outer you may need engineer....Pull plug out 1st...

Make the standpipe longer (the black pipe).

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this is quite possible, the newer units, actually are monitering teh watertemp, as it enters machine, and will either increase or decrease flow of both hot/cold water to maintain what it would consider an optimal temp.. so i would not worry about this issue.

looking at the rear of the washer, my Crosley drain is on the left, about 4" from the floor and about 6" from the side. You might need to remove the back panel. Probably should anyway, so you can blow the dust/lint out of it