It stops working when i take it off..........I re set it then put it on my wrist... it works. I take it off set it down on the desk, counter or any place then it stops..... its very weird. also I left it on the waterbed which is warm and it did no stop ( this might be jus a fluke) rada dia star jubile


Just check the links below for more help about how to re-size it.

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mcdevito75 here, Best Bet with your Rado watch, Look for a small watch repair shop in your area for adjustment / replacement.

I am not familiar with this watch but if it is a mechanical escapement (which ticks), then it could be that the balance wheel has become dislodge.

Has the watch been dropped lately? If it has, then a trip to a watch repairer is needed.

mcdevito75 here, Rado a great watch and with a $50.00 band, at least. BEST BET, look for a small watch repair shop in your area for this band adjustment. Links are held in by special pins and a link remover tool is need to remove these links.