I have a h 96 pro dongle 8gb storage having trouble with sd card it said the 16 gb was corrupt and won't format and a 32 gb actually got hot and started smoking

You should be able to use any size SD card you want to.

I can glean no information from your posting - please can you repost with more relevant details, including but not limited to the make and model of the camera. Thank you.

Open the card on your PC and copy all your files to a folder on your desktop. Then go to my computer, right click the memory card and format. When a little window appears just click start.

If your files are deleted then paste them from your desktop back onto your card. This should fix the problem.

I have uploaded maps to a SD micro card from my Nuvi 250 to my Nuvi 205 but the 205 wont give me the option to select maps from the SD Card.

Can some one please help.

Thanks in advance.

dear sir,
if you have laptop and if it has sd card slot then put the card in the slot
go to my computer
right click on removeable drive
and selet format
selet the "FAT" option on top of the window
click ok
now your card is formatted and you can use it
if you don't have sd card slot then you have to buy or borrow from friend card reader and do it from there.

hope it will solve your problem sir

it wont find my micro sd memory card even though its in there