Witam serdecznie posiadam aparat fotograficzny sony DSC-H20 po nastawieniu na nagrywanie i wciÅ?niÄ?ciu przycisku nagraj wyskakuje komunikat bÅ?Ä?d systemu. Co można z tym zrobiÄ?? aparat nigdy nie upadÅ? ani nie zostaÅ? zalany.

ON the camera, turn mode selector to SCN mode, click MENU button, scroll down and select the "briefcase" icon. Inside it, you will find a "Hammer & Spanner" icon on the left, as the 2nd one from top, select it, and then select INITIALIZE, then center button.

Press the reset button on your camera this will be close to the pin where you can connect the power supply to your camera. The button will be a small hole use a pointed object (like a ballpoint pen) to press and hold the reset button for 2-3 seconds. After 3 seconds release the reset button .
Now your camera is reset to factory settings .

Hope this helps .

its only visible on display. Once you take the snap it will not be visible in the shot. Switch to Inteligent mode, it will remove the blue strips on display.

Yes, the camera has a remote control, that can operate the shutter remotely. Refer to you manual for specifics on how to operate it.