I have just bought my husband a CD Walkman D-EJ011. The package says that I should buy only power adaptor AC-E45A to go with this model but I can't find anyone in UK who stocks it. He doesn't want to use batteries, preferring a main connection. Please help me to find this power adaptor. Thank you

Hey alberto,
First off thanks for choosing Fixya.com. The Ac adapter itself could be bad or it could be the dc jack. And also the problem with your cpu fan could also be that the fan has gone out or the motherboard itself needs to be replaced.

Sony would say "use only blah, blah" just as most manufacturers wouldn't want to miss out on a sale and would say use only their recommended product.

It is true the recommended and premium price products are often good quality and for equipment under warranty it is sensible to use only genuine accessories.
That doesn't mean only a genuine power adaptor can do the job. There are many available aftermarket power adaptors that will provide the correct voltage and current and have a suitable plug fitted and mostly at cheaper prices.

I suggest you do an internet search for the Walkman D-EJ011 power adaptor and you will find many results. Buy from a known and respectable supplier and ensure it is a regulated or switch mode power adaptor.

I just had a quick look on the internet. There are many available on Ebay. It appears that it is a Sony product. You may be able to purchase one direct from a Sony Agent or from E Bay. Type in AC-E45A and you will find them.

shop on ebay.  I just picked up one the other day for $20.  If you look for an inexpensive (or broken) camcorder you often find it comes with an adaptor and can get it the whole thing for a decent price.

It will say on the adapter which voltages it is compatible with.
If it is not listed, be sure to get a voltage converter from an electronics store.

It's designed just to use batteries.

this i'm afraid is a problem with the psp. to charge the psp off a computer usb mode doesn't need to be entered. so it will charge automatically and if not either the battery or psp charge port are stuffed. try a borrowed battery first then if that doesn't change it trade it in to eb games and get yourself a new one