Nikon Coolpix s550 blurry Macro mode

When I set my camera to macro mode (the flower icon) and I get closer to my object, it turns out blurry with the autofocus.  I know I'm doing the right thing because we took pictures like it at school.  I even have a later model than the school's and my camera is starting to disappoint me.

hit your menu button. go down to setup. in the setup menu there is a tab for "Conversion Lens". make sure it is not set to "Close Up". i have mine set to off because i am not using any conversion lens.

It will not focus on anything closer than 5 feet.

(From Sigma lens literature)
Capable of macro photography, this lens has a 1:2 maximum close-up magnification at the 300 mm focal length. It's the ideal high performance lens for portraits, sports photography, nature photography, and other types of photography that frequently use the telephoto range. It also has a switch for changeover to macro photography at focal lengths between 200mm and 300mm with a maximum close-up magnification from 1:2.9 to 1:2. The minimum focusing distance is 1.5m / 59 in. at all zoom settings.

You may find it is not focus but camera shake, due to a low shutter speed. Try increasing the ISO to give you a faster shutter speed, see if that helps.

I went to the menu and selected restore factory defaults. This seemed to fix the problem. I have since added the date to dislay on the photo and the camera is still OK- no more blurry shots.

Since I have the same problem and don't plan to ever buy another Pentax product after this problem surfaced, I decided to take mine apart to see if there was any visable problem with gears motor etc. I had the camera down to the point where I could see the motor that drives the autofocus, but nothng appeard to be obvious as a problem. I put it back to together and the camera is no worse or better than before, so I plan to take down even more on the next session taking it apart. I'll keep everybody posted on any progress.