Yes or no will i have to get apassport to fly from newcastle upon tyne england to salisbury england

There is a firmware update required, it's really easy to do - just put the update onto a memory stick and insert this into the back panel when the tv is powered on and it will automatically install the update. I have a copy of this update and would be willing to share this with you?

c2 b5 be 41 0d 9b c5 7c

8e 80 d7 ef 44 93 02 2b

you mean your LCD? so your phone is no display now?go to the nearest cellshop in your place and ask if they have lcd of samsung d500

Updated Codes December 23rd 2008
Codes for 5a01 are.......... E7 D3 69 2E 6F 38 EA 78 / E8 C9 E5 6E B0 49 53 F5
and 54 01 are ......... 7F CD 76 82 BB 22 0A C5 / 97 9B 22 E0 5B 13 B1 C7

you are staying in country

go to this link think this is what you need thanks jeff