The DSLR Camera Canon 5D mark 3 is better option for the wedding photography?

The video quality of canon 5D mark 3 is better than Nikon Cameras. so it is the reason that Canon DSLR always being the best choice for wedding photographers why.

The 5D MKIII is a fine camera in Canon's Pro range. It focuses fast and takes excellent images and video. Good quality lenses are key to good quality photographs. For still photography, a good all-purpose lens is the Canon EF24-105 1:4L It is generally said, if you can only afford one good lens, this is the one. It also works well for video, but a specific video lens would be the best choice. The Canon CN-E series lenses are ideal but they are not zoom lenses.

Yes, it's a good camera. I think it's better to hire a professional, and do not worry about photos. There are special services where you can see the work of photographers with reviews and choose the right one. For example look Wedding photographers in Pune very cool works!

I think it is due to the extensive choice of quality lenses.