Put a used memory card in camera said I needed to press menu button and select format card, but dont have anything that says format card in the setup menu

Since we don't know which make and model of camera you are using, we cannot offer any help. If you tell us, we can investigate and hopefully assist you.

The problem is that the largest xD card that your camera can support is an M or H 512mb card. The 1gb or 2gb cards are not compatible. The firmware in the camera cannot support memory storage with that capacity. The camera came out before those cards did and there no plans to upgrade the camera to allow those types of cards to be supported.

As far as the 128mb card is concerned if it gets a card error message try cleaning off the gold contacts on the back of the card and reinserting it to the camera. If it still gives an error it may be a problem with the internal card reader in the camera.

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posted on Oct 10, 2008

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What size is the memory card. What picture size has the camera been set to? Check out your Manual for the images sizes viz a vis memory card capacity - and come back

format the mem card through your computer instead maybe, it works best if u have a usb reader that the sd card slot in then jus plug it in. if it dont automatically show up on pc go to 'my computer' in the menu and it should b found there prob as removable drive, once in it right click mouse and should b an option to format sd card, hope this helps.

Believe the 4 GB card is too large for this camera and internal camera software was not designed to format or manage so much memory.. try a fast SD under 2 GB.