Panasonic DMP-BD84 Blu-Ray Disk Player. Problem trying to change internet connection from LAN to Wifi.

Using reset facility OK+B+Y and selecting 'Reset 08' does not then let me select Wifi connection option on setup. Just states that LAN cable is not connected.

Try hooking the Panasonic up straight to the tv without going through the receiver. If it displays a picture its obviously not the blu-ray player. May also be a problem with the HDMI cable itself. Hope this helps.

Something to remember is that most HDMI setups on TV's have what is called a DVI/HDMI port, I would suggest not using anything on that port that isnot converted from DVI to HDMI. I bet if you look, that HDMI 1 on yours....

Not all models have a known unlock hack, let see this one.

Have you tried all the codes associated with Panasonic on your universal remote?

how do I unlock my blu ray with factory remote?