My sony vaio laptop shut down and wont start how do i get it started

It should be located somewhere on the motherboard wich means pulling the computer completely apart which unless you know what you are doing may be a little difficult for some, but not inpossible.

Let it go until it stops on its own, sometimes windows updates restart the computer. If after say about 20min or there is obviously no progress restart your computer. As it boots up press F5 key to enter start up options screen. Enter in safe mode and run system restore and restore to a previous backup.

Save Data if possible.

Use Restore System; Restore Computer to Factory "New" Condition.. Sont Vaios have a Key Prompt which you hold down while booting and the Replacement Software already on a Sector of the Hard Drive. Check THe Manuel for this OR CALL SONY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND JUST GIVE THEM THE MODEL NUMBER AND ASK THEM WHICH BUTTON YOU PUSH ETC TO RESTORE THE COMPUTER TO "FACTORY CONDITION"

As you boot up press the F8 function key, you will then be able to select Last Known Good Configuration, if you are lucky Windows wil start up OK.
If not shutdown and restart again and press F8 again, this time select Safe Mode, this time if Windows starts up the screen resolution will be standard VGA mode. You will then be able to work out what is wrong.
If this doesn't work you will need to boot up with the Windows CD and do a system repair.
If this dosn't work you will need to do a complete reinstall of Windows plus the device drivers and all your software programs. Note - you will lose your data in this process.

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