Can't pull up my emails,error Launch FFC-1

ON Mozilla Firefox email is my home page! I can't get to my email page. It is urgent that this gets fixed fast! I'm disabled & ill,& must have access. immediately. Please help. I already did the" try again shortly "more than 1 hour ago,many times, HELP PLEASE! [email protected]

Which web browser do you use?(Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox,Opera,Google Chrome)? 1.Reset your web browser . Internet Explorer : Mozilla Firefox : 2.Download and install adobe flash player : 3.Download and install Java:

This happens from time to time. Try again in about an hour or so. I agree, very annoying! :)

There was an outage of Yahoo mail at around that time, you should be able to login now. If you're still having errors, post a comment with your browser version, windows version and any other relevant details.
You can check the status of yahoo mail here:
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I would try the retry button. If that doesn't work, switch to Yahoo classic for now until they get it fixed. periodically, they update their software and it might be having compatibility with Internet Explorer 8.

If nothing else, download FireFox free at and access yahoo through there. It will work that way.I'm using it that way right now.

I also found that yahoo mail works great with the Beta version of Internet Explorer 9 if you can download it from the Microsoft Web site .