Why can't I open the Christmas opera in Phantom of the Opera game even when I have all the pieces?

Have tried 3 times to get this opened now but nope, just no luck. All the pictures are blank when it comes to doing the puzzle to unlock this opera. Any help??

Try Google Chrome built by Google who owns (some portion/all of) Orkut. Nice lightweight browser but no single browser is the do-all end-all solution.

Ebay does not support Opera - it is a problem with ebay NOT Opera.

Hi, I would like to help you out.

The best thing you can do is... remove it from your phone and install the latest opera mini.... you can download lot of best mobile software from www.mobile9.com

Please let me know if you need more help. Good luck
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hey dude i just had d same problem and got it solved
1st thing to do is delete 4.2 and download 5.1 fron net just google it
2nd thing before runing application bring down highliht to opera mini dn select more den connection dere u will hav a no. of profiles chose 1 of dm at a time and save
now start d opera mini u will eithr connct or it will show some error if it show error dn exit it and try with anodr profile nd repeat again
1 of dm will work atleast did workd out for me
i had vodafone nd vodafone live workd out for me
all d best....!!

Hai joff , you have right click on Opera min then create internet settings there same as your in built browser.