Hi, a app name "ePlay3service" installing in my android automatically, though i have unstalled it many times and it showing ads in all of my browser. How to fix it?

First you should register your android device in google apps store using your gmail ID. IF you are first time using internet your google apps store upgraded into google play. It ill take some time to upgrade. If updates successfully done then you can access all apps through google play

Hi Andrew, I have the exactly same problem, started last night... i almost did hard reset and then i see that you the same problem on the same day... maybe it's a "Market" issue??
i also have two updates available, and when i try to run the update i get the same "installation error" and the app turn to "free" instead of the "update available", when in fact the app is still there (installed)...
Avi (i1)

Remove the offending apps. Make a backup of your phone. Restore the iPhone to factory settings and the restore your backup to the phone. If that doesn't work you may have a hardware issue. If apple doesn't help you can send it to iPhone 3GS Repair or do it yourself there is a guide that shows you how to disassemble the phone at iPhone Repair Guide.

Best Root Apps might help you out....