Cannot switch between PC's

I have 3 PC's connect to this 4-port that I just installed out of the box. I only get one connection(and one light lit up). Which ever PC is connected to port 1 gets control. I cannot use the button on the front, the scroll scroll up or down or number keys, and it will not auto scan. I assume it only sees one PC connected as it only gives me one light lit up (port 1). I can connect any PC up to any port and get power, but the light only shows that it is on on port 1 and I only have mouse, keyboard and vga on port 1. I have tried shutting down all 3 PC's and bringing each one of them up one at a time but get the same result. I had a 2-port belkin kvm connect and that worked fine but since I have dropped a 3rd PC I needed a 4-port. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI I have (2) Win server 2003 machines connected and a Win 98 machine. Thanks in advance Matt

Typically, the KVM indicator light will only light up on the connection that is currently active. The indicator light will switch to another connection when that connection becomes active. First I would make sure that all the mouse and keyboard connections are secure. I have seen where these sometimes pop out, and thus some componenty will not work. I would then make sure that all the computers are fully powered on. The KVM will not allow you to switch to a device if it is not powered on. The KVM may indicate that a connection is down by a blinking light if you switch to a port and the connection is not up. It sounds that you have atleast one good set of cables. I would confirm that the other sets of cables are good as well. Do this by swapping the other cables with the one port that you know you have working. Finally, with a set of good working cables, swap them over to the other ports on the KVM switch. Although it may be improbable, you may have a bad KVM. AS always, I would review the product manual here: And, since this is a new product, you will also be entitled to free tech support from Belkin: 1-800-2BELKIN x2263

Also, make sure the PC #1 button is not jammed. I have had a button stick down and it behaves as you describe.

Check for keystroke code to switch between monitors

I had the same problem but with a different model.  I called tech support.  They are sending me a new switch.

You KVM is bad. I had the exact problem, while using premium Monster cables. Replacing the KVM solved the problem, partially. Now, I have flickering problems at 1920x1200 resolution. It's definitelly a KVM issue also, my friend has the same monitor and video card. With an identical KVM he does not have any flickering. If I install my KVM on his setup, the flickering apears on his setup also.