Game Saints Row 2 keeps freezing at certain points in the game

After I reset it this last time, it keeps saying at the main screen open tray, so I open the tray and close it and it just repeats the same thing over and over again. PS3. worked fine first two days. next day it freezes every time I try manually save or load, also stopped auto-saving. tried starting a fresh game, same thing. after checking online definetely seems like it's the game and not the system. alot of freezing issues for this game and they are not all the same kind of freezing (when they freeze).

Maybe you should try different games? see if those different games freeze, if so, then it might be your blu-ray player in your ps3, or your ps3 might be overheating. my games froze at certain points because my ps3 was overheating, just try a few different games