I have a webcam but i don't have a cd installer, my webcam specification wasLOGITECH M/N:VUAP14, P/N:861193-1000 PID;LZ52642.. i do hope you can help me thanks....

Go to the Logitech website look for support there you should be able to download the drivers and software for the webcam..

Check Logitech's website they usually have a online installation

Download the crack version of installer and install it.

The drivers are avalible for your webcam on the logitech support site... all you have to do is choose your make, model, version of windows, download, and install. Hope this helps! Good luck and godspeed!

Go to web cam,site and download one.

It should work without!

depends if you have windows 8, 7, xp? + you can download
drivers from the internet, just go to the webcam website or
google your webcam driver and or software and install it.
you may install from the camera options-properties, install drivers.

You need the drivers which are available for your webcam on the logitech support site... all you have to do is choose the make, model, version of windows, download, and install. thats it

You will need to download the driver for that webcam from the logitech website (http://support.logitech.com/)
Search for the driver of your specific model.The name of the model should be on the box.

You can try www.logictech.com go to support or some times the manufactures no longer carry support for a specific product you can try www.driverguie.com they have most of the drivers for old products.

First up all you look which is the brand of your webcam. then type the brand name and model number in a web browser and search. you can see the official web website of your webcam brand just download the software install it now you can use your webcam...

You can ask their customer care.

Download the setup from the internet.

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You should be able to find what u need on frostwire if u down load it. There several share sights you can check out and get some prograhms and stuff all day long as long as nobody people are sharing it on those sights. Just be careful and check out what peoples coments and stuff are before downloading.

Dont worry download your cam controller from the manufacturers website now

hope this helps you
thanks and regards

You need a driver (software) which can be download from the logitech website, save it on your computer drive and install it, also you can easily find instruction on their site. Hope it will help.