Can't log in to facebook”i cant open up my account.... it asks me to enter the e-mail and password but after that it cant load the facebook server

It can be due to your internet connection.
or maybe the server of Facebook is overloaded at that moment.
Nowadays I am facing this issue as well.

Clear your browser cache, the cookies might be outdated or something might be conflicting with the site's login requests.

To do this, go to your internet settings, look for "Clear Cache" or "Clear Browsing History". This will empty your browser cache, allowing new data to be downloaded from the Facebook Servers. Please note that this might delete your saved passwords, so be sure to uncheck that option.

In most cases, it's about app issue or server issue. Uninstall the app then install it again.
Also, check your username or password that it's correct or not.

Uninstall the app and then reinstall it.
Login to Facebook from another browser.

Forgot password? Click on "forgot password"” i cant open up my account....

i cant open my facebook account yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? wats prob???

If your using the app version try uninstalling it then reinstall and go from there.

It may cause due to slow internet.

Hi- i can't login in facebook page
please hellp me,

You may contact at (( +1-800-585-2494 )) Toll Free

It's a bug. I also have faced this issue several times. Just reinstall the app or try logging in from another browser.

Just a bug. reinstall the app and try again.

If you facing this problem do not worry this problem because the internet connection. you can solve this problem by using vpn or proxy program such as (hotspot sheild or psiphon or any other program) or you can connect with public proxies as free, you wii find a proxies list in many websites , Just write "Free public proxies list".

make shore your email is ok and your password if you look at the top of the facebook page if your name is there it is your password hope i was usefull plzz rate me and if there is anything els plzzz email me at [email protected] thanks :-)

Cell phone number facebook does not like anybody without a cell you dont understand facebook takes security serius so make sure sure cell phone number and password is right !!!and last but not least can not remember password they will send you a code to reset hte pass word to your text chat!!!!! Please Get Er Done !! Donald Deane MCSE,ASE,CPO

Type you login mail or cell no. and then click the forgot password button.

Reset your browser settings > Tools >> Internet Options >> Advaced >> Reset

You either have to many tabs opened or you may have been hacked and the password changed

Recover your password if you forgot.

You need to contact to technical help line or you have another option you can create new account .

Be carefull make sure you are not being hack.