Hello my wft653a - wont spin like to use to now it makes a unbalance noise and the clothes are still very wet after the spin cycle - it is still going through the motions just making a banging unbalance sound and not spin drying the clothes. help please Liz oh i checked the fanbelt thats all good!

is the washer level and on solid surface both will cause machine to dance

I suggest you begin by checking the washtub suspension.

The washtub is suspended by a number of springs and dampers and it isn't unusual for one or more to break.

Or, you have coins in your pump casing. Look on the back of the washer, and unscrew the circular port in the bottom right corner. (Keep an 8x13 baking pan underneath, water will escape once you open the chamber). Remove and change/objects from the chamber and replace the port. You should be good to go. This is actually very common for this model washer.

sounds like your transmission is not working properly. check your warranty information. (should be in your owners manual) many of the whirlpool made top loaders came with a 5 year warranty on the transmission/gear case

Sounds like a slow drain. Recheck the drain hose if it looks ok get a bucket to put the hose in to see how fast it comes out. If it comes out slow the drain pump impellor may be broken.

more than likely that your thermostats have blown if you could smell the heater element getting hot then this will be the case m8