Model #417.41142000 Circuit board has been replaced to correct drum not spinning. Now timer won't advance.

Drum would not spin. Circuit board had a blown fuse, so I replaced board as tech sheet in washers suggested. Now drum spins but timer stop in two places of cycle. I must manually advance knob two clicks. Do I need to replace timer?. The old board had a removal able fuse. The new board has the fuse soldered in.

I have a Kenmore 80 series mode #2289400. It will wash but will not drain and spin. I have turned the knob to a different spin cycle put it won't spin. I have drained the water out of the tub thru the drain pipe so it's not plugged. When it's ready to spin and it making no noice. Any help would be great.

hi it is the problem o outlet valve, clean it...... thank u.......

Could be just about anything. It's all designed to prevent it from spinning if there is a problem. If the motor is still turning, but never gets up to spin speed, check the out of balance circuit. There are two cabinet strike switches and an inertial unbalance switch. Or check the door latch assembly, it's possible for the door to lock enough to turn the 'door lock' light on, but not move far enough to actuate the 'spin enable' switch. Maytag has upgraded the motor/ motor control board for the older Neptunes. If the motor is not running at all, check that the main control board is sending power to the motor control board. If it is you need the motor/ motor control kit (just one part #) If the main board is not sending power to the motor control board, you need a main control board, but you still need to test the motor control board. Take a test cord and put 120 volts to the motor control board, the motor should start turning at 50 rpm (normal agitate speed) if it doesn't you would need the motor/ motor control kit as well.

You may be right, but before you rule completely on the motor, have you checked the Spin Control (sometimes referred to as a Motor Control Unit)? My experience with this unit usually has the Spoin Control board going bad more frequently. There should be a tech sheet located inside the washer behind the front panel under the door somewhere. The tech sheet should include all steps necessary in determing how to rule whether the motor windings are good, or the whether Spin Control board has failed. If you decide to replace the parts yourself, you can find them at and Repairclinic has better pricing, but Sears has better diagrams used in parts identification and troubleshooting. The parts you may need are as follows:

Item 1206430 Spin Control
Item 823073 Motor-sole

Item 4 (p/n #134149220) Speed Control (Under "PANELS/HOSES" heading)
Item 19 (p/n # 131770600) Motor-sole (Under DRUM/MOTOR" heading)

Of can do your own comparitive pricing if you don't wish to shop online. Just use the Sears part numbers as a reference.

I hope this helps. Post back and let me know if you need further assistance.

i would open the door nad with your hand (glove on if preferred), feel around the intereior of drom for prhaps a nails, or hair clip that has gotten caught in one of the many holes in tub