My Dometic refrigerator RM2652 is freezing everything in the refrigerator department

Everything in the refrigerator department is freezing


Right beside the circuit panel, there is a grill, remove the 4 screws to gain access to the transformer/battery charger. You'll see a double power outlet, one cord is from fridge, the other is from the transformer. UNPLUG Transformer cord and reset breaker.

It will take a couple of minutes for the fridge to change to AC if you have it in AUTO. If everything works fine, REPAIR OR REPLACE TRANSFORMER/BATTERY CHARGER.

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Move your thermistor closer to the center. Your thermistor is attached to the fins on the inside of the fridge. Also turn off the fridge and take the circuit board cover off and make sure that the thermistor cable is plugged in. the cable is a 2 wire terminal will be on upper right or upper left of the circuit board just below the 6 pin connector.There is another possibility but remote. The cooling unit may be getting ready to stop working. Have had many customers tell me that the fridge started freezing up and a few days later quit working completely.
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Food freezes in the ref. Freezes in the door, the top shelf and the bottom shelf. Salad dressing even freezes! What can I do?? Please help! [email protected]

This is a common problem that often doesn't have a clear, permanent solution. The first thing to check is the overall internal refrigerator temperature (see the Appliance Accessories section for a refrigerator/freezer thermometer). The proper temperature should be between 35 and 42 degrees. Here are some things to try:

Move temp sensor close inside of coil if same replace sensor

the hinge is not plastic, only the insert sleeve that goes into the hole atop the door is plastic. If the actual hinge (metal arm) is broke, then you need to order a new part (not difficult if frig is 20 years or less). If you cannot find the part, go to a metal shop and show them the broken part, they usually can repair it or remake a new piece.
If the hole in the door went bad (that is: if the hole tore open and cannot hold the hinge pin) you need to have a metal repair brace added to the door. This will involve the metal shop or a good mechanic that can come to you and do the neccessary repair at the house; otherwise you need to bring the door to the metal shop. macgivor