I own a SERVIS CARESS 1600 A waching machine and I think something might be stuck between the drum and the drum housing. There is a scraping noise as the drum rotates as if it is knocking against something. What's the best way to get into the drum housing so that I can remove the offending article? Thanks

Most washing machines have a safety switch on the lid. If that switch has been broken or a wire fell off then closing the lid does not close a safety circuit and will not allow the machine to enter the spin cycle.

1st make sure the switch is getting depressed when the lid is closed. I am not familiar with your exact machine. On my Whirlpool I can take a screw driver and push the switch in while the lid is open and get the spin cycle to occur. Be careful to not have anything in the machine and keep all hands and any item you might be wearing away from the drum so it does not get caught in the spinning with the lid open. The location of the switch will very, but on mine it was on the right side, on the lip of the opening. There was a **** in the sheet metal in which a flat piece prong slid through when the lid was closed. Let me know if you need a picture and I can post a link to what it looks like on my machine.

2nd if that does not work then you may need to remove the switch and verify it is working. Unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet. Place an Ohm Meter/Continuity tester across the switch electrical contacts. Activate the switch and you should be able to see that the switch opens/closes its electrical contacts. If it does not, replace the switch with a new one.

You can easily find replacement switches off the internet or your local appliance parts store. You will need the make and model # of your washer when ordering the part. I would check several places. I have found prices very greatly. I would expect the part to be less than $20.

Hope that helps.

The only way in is not easy, there is a possibility that the heating element is touching the drum you would have to remove the back panel take off all connections to the drum at the rear and remember or write down a diagram so you know where things went in other words take the whole machine apart to remove the rear drum panel another way is to rotate the drum with a small screwdriver through one of the drum holes till you feel the element and push the element back down out of harms way sorry I cant help more but its worth a try eric

I am not to sure if this answers your question but I think you are asking which way the hot and cold hoses connect to the wasing machine? if this is the case if you look on the back of the washing machine you will see stamped in the metel a H for hot connect the hot water inlet hose to this, If it is not marked, hook up the hot water hose to the washing machine and place the water temp selector to hot and turn machine on if hot water comes out you have the correct hose hooked up,if not then the cold water hose goes were you hooked up the hot water hose. hope this helps

this is a problem that can only be solved by a professional so please get your local repairman on the line and have him come and take a look.

Hi Hettyboddy,

I found this how to (below) on drum bearing replacement for your specific Zanussi washer and edited it to just reflect the drum removal part.

Power off, remove covers. Disconnect drive belt, remove drive pulley. Remove heater, thermostat and pressure switch. Check if drum splits at front, rear or the middle. If at front or middle, drum will prob. need removal from machine. This involves dismantling the suspension and damping system and removal of door seal and concrete weights. Undo the drum fixing system - either a clamping ring or a series of peripheral bolts and split the drum.If the drum splits at the rear, removal from machine probably not required. Remove the clamping system and pull off the rear plate. Seal and bearings will come away with the plate. Refitting is, as they say, a reversal of the above process. You do need to have significant mechanical skills. If you're the type of guy/gal who works on their car, it would be no problem, if you're a novice, I'd pass.

I wouldn't think that the offending object would make it to the pump, but would probably want it out myself as that is a very nice washer (highly rated). and the idea of having something rattling around in it would be annoying to say the least.

I hope this helps and Good luck.

Thank you for your patience. I have searched thoroughly and unfortunately have been unable to locate a wiring diagram anywhere that falls under the numbers you found on the machine. I'm sure sorry and will continue looking, but it's like the wiring diagram/tech sheet for the unit you have is a state secret or something. LOL Again, my apologies and best wishes and I hope that you will utilize Fixya again in the future with better results. Thanks again.