Both my washer and dryer just "quit" within a few days of each other. Washer model #GVW9959kQ2. Dryer #GE9868KQ3. The panel light on top would not even light up to get a diagnostic code. We checked the breakers, hoses etc. and can not see obstruction. Is the repair sound like something we can do?

The technician informed that we cannot reverse the door on the washer.

I know it sounds mad, have you checked the fuses in the plugs they should be at lease 13 amp any smaller is not suitable for theses machines eric

This error relates to the motor drive. Plug off the wall, open up behind, look for broken belt. If the belt is good its the motor brushes. Secure connections to the motor, look for loose wires.....

Remove the front panel and the hoses will be accessible. Removing the wash plate is not advised unless you are prepared to replace seals.

if you want to replace your washer you need to talk to lowe's store manager nobody else he or she will replace your unit. other wise you call for service. i think your washer need new main control board. good luck.

Could be the idler pulley, or the dryer seals.