Maytag Dependable Care model LAT9634AAE During

Maytag Dependable Care model LAT9634AAE During pump out part of rinse cycle, burning rubber smell and tub rotates slowly. Removed clothes and tub spun quite a bit faster. Water can not pumps out completed. Besides needing to replace the drive belt, what else is probably wrong? Thanks for your help

There is probably some sort of debris in the water pump a button or other items blocking the flow of water please make Shure to try and turn the water pump by hand in order to free any obstruction eric

Need to replace the belt going to the transmisssion powered by the motor. these act like a clutch for the unit. It is worn out and needs replaced.

The part number for the mounting stem and seal kit is 6-2095720 it cost about 85 bucks retail. You will also need to buy a special maytag spanner wrench to remove the inner tub. Its NOT an easy job the inner and outer tubs and hoses all need to be removed. The seal kit comes with no instructions. If you had a service company do the job it would be probably around 250 maybe more. We charge 104.95 labor for the job. Good luck _MJ_

When my washer did that, I found that the shocks that hold the tub were bad...

Check out this tip I wrote about the noise and vibration that front loadwashers can make..

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It sounds as if the floating motor mount is no longer floating or the 2 springs inside of that floating / gliding mount are not working correctly. There are also 4 hard rubber clear washers that are part of the gliding mount. If any one of the 4 of those washers has broken the motor does not glide properly and will not tighten the belt properly for the spin cycle to work. Make sure the unit is unplugged reach underneath the left front corner and feel for a 2 V belt groved pulley. First push the pulley inward 45 deg from the corner and let it go.... If it is working properly it should automatically tension the belt. If is sticks in position the either the springs or washer have failed. This is not an expensive repair. IF you call for a repairman make sure he checks the condition of the tub drive belt. The motor has been placing undue wear on the drive belt due to it being loose.

The belt turn the pulley, but the height of the pulley is worn out so it didn't push up a mechanism to release the brake and to engage with the clutch to make the spin.
You have to takethe shaft out to study how it works then it makes sense on what I 'm talking.
The pulley cost only $11 but it is a major laboring exercise. It is a good learning to have hands on to this problem. Good luck on replacing the pulley.