My kenmore 400 110.29422801 topload washer spins and drains properly then refills with water at the end of the cycle. I have checked and its not siphoning back from the drain. The timer seems to be misaligned while trying to perform a certain function. Any way to realign or maybe there is another problem?

Maytag Atlantis washer goes thruout washing cycle,but dosen't simse or spin....

It could be the lid switch or the timer.

I've had the same can purchase a replacement lid switch at your local appliance parts store for about $35. Fortunatly, the sales person at the appliance store had diagrams and provided instructions to replace the switch. I was able to finish the job and fix the switch in less than 1 hour. Good Luck.

just hit it with a hammer. thats what worked for my flat screen tv.